Friday, June 29, 2012

Hollywood You Please? Pt.5- Art 'N' About L.A

On Saturday and my last day in Hollywood, Nina and I went to Smashbox Studios to pick up a print I had in a show last year, then we drove to The Getty Museum for the Herb Ritts exhibition. Amazing day weather wise too, I remembering feeling overwhelmed with all the art I saw.
Herb Ritts show was incredible. I have been inspired by his work since point go, so to see all the prints in front of me, and seeing it in LA where he shot everything was amazing.
After the Getty, Nina and I downed a 5hr energy then parted ways, I went to hang out at Supreme store and she went to Silverlake. 
So stoked I got to shoot the bowl in Supreme then saw the Sesame Street exhibition next door at Known Gallery. Went home, watched From Dusk Til Dawn and got ready for the night.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hollywood You Please? Pt.4- Love Me

Friday 28th April I woke up pretty shady after our big night at Cha Cha's. Nina asked me to drive Tom to work at The Observatory so I did and got some nice photos. That was a beautiful day. 
So hungover I got In-N-Out Burger, went shopping to kill time before my 2nd tattoo at 5pm.
Chris Winn tattooed me and what a legend. We chatted for what seemed like hours as he worked on my design. After my tat, we saw Ryan Phillippe outside on Fairfax, buzzed, I went home and enjoyed my first good nights sleep in a long time.

My day as follows-

Me nervously waiting for my 2nd tattoo in 24 hrs. No regrets though, stoked.

Will Rise on Fairfax