Friday, June 22, 2012

Hollywood You Please? Pt.3 - Fresh Ink

Thursday 26th was another large day and night. Pretty sure I ate Wholefoods for lunch, shopped down Melrose then walked into Will Rise hoping for a tat. I was told to ask for Eric, and thats who I got! Took me maybe 15-20 mins to doodle a whole page of arrows to get the right ones. He did a great job, cheers Eric. I booked another tat with Chris Winn the next day at 5pm, I remember feeling pretty nervous about getting 2 tattoos in 24hrs, but fuck it.
That night Choi and I drove down to Torrence to attend the Volcom Bowl Party. That was pretty fun. Drove back to Hollywood, picked up Courtland then partied at Cha Cha's in Silverlake. 
Absolute dude fest that place. I really needed a girl wingman in there! I remember stacking it outside in front of the line-up, then sat in the alley smoking, Hey Telling Michelle in Tokyo. Got my ass back up, went back inside, shot a few tequilas and danced.
When it closed everyone hung outside eating tacos. Daryl was fricken hilarious, made the best exit. 
Great night.

Eric Dressen @ Will Rise

Hayworth St cat

Waiting, waiting...

Choi shotgunning a double expresso can. 

Hows my concentration? 

Volcom Bowling party in Torrence. I rolled a striked with my left hand, stoked.

to Cha Cha's.......

Jefferson Brothers

Me in the restroom making the girls outside bitchy. 

Best fricken fish tacos. Why cant we have a taco truck in Sydney- its an outrage.


Some wasted dude loving my accent


These guys were rad

They loved me.

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