Monday, March 21, 2011

Le B.L.O.R.R video sneak peak

This is a Preview of the video I'm throwing together from my time spent with Florida's Bastard Lovechild Of Rock N' Roll.

I'm still learning the ways of video, so ahh yeah dont judge me for my amateur editing skills! (Who really cares anyway heh)

Mitch + Strath

I took this on my Polaroid SX-70 the other day in Noosa......

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jelly's Rock Yard, Williamsburg, NY

I woke up on Sept 11 in Greenwich Village a little hung from the night before. After a shower I used a sheet to dry myself off, dressed in some new threads, bid adieu to my mate Harrison, then cabbed it to Brooklyn.......
Chris and Adam from Bastard Lovechild Of Rock N Roll were finishing off their sound check as I arrived to Jelly Rock Yard just Nth of Williamsburg bridge.
I met a few cool peeps, watched the boys play their set, took some pics. I remember I was so fucken tired and hot......
After the show we packed the van, drove back to Long Island for a disco nap then headed out again to a surf comp. after party???

Here's some pics of the day-