Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hollywood You Please? Pt.4- Love Me

Friday 28th April I woke up pretty shady after our big night at Cha Cha's. Nina asked me to drive Tom to work at The Observatory so I did and got some nice photos. That was a beautiful day. 
So hungover I got In-N-Out Burger, went shopping to kill time before my 2nd tattoo at 5pm.
Chris Winn tattooed me and what a legend. We chatted for what seemed like hours as he worked on my design. After my tat, we saw Ryan Phillippe outside on Fairfax, buzzed, I went home and enjoyed my first good nights sleep in a long time.

My day as follows-

Me nervously waiting for my 2nd tattoo in 24 hrs. No regrets though, stoked.

Will Rise on Fairfax

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