Monday, July 25, 2011

Go get "Ty-ed up" this wkd with Ty Williams

I met Ty at Greenroom Festival back in May this year. We bonded like peas and carrots (or wasabi and soy sauce) over our 'Lost in Translation' moments and many Asahi.

He paints some amazingly beautiful shiz that is especially showing at Insight's Venice Beach store this wkd. Holy heckmet I wish I were gonna be there! Not only coz its middle of winter here in Oz but this gonna be a fine showing of Ty's work!!!

Sleeping Beauty

Look at that joy

He was a little jet-lagged or pretending to be asleep so he wouldnt have to sing during karaoke? Ty? Ty?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mish + Tina

shot in Hiro-o, Tokyo on Polaroid sx-70

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tokyo Boys

My 2nd to last night in Tokyo was so much fun. Tina and I met up with her mates in Harajuku, had a few beers there, we cabbed to Murasaki Sports store opening on Meji Dori, Harajuku. It was a full on corporate event, but there were free beers and friends. We were all there for maybe an hour then found a tiny "secret" resturant that could sit maybe 20 people (we took up the majoirty). It was a "quiet" bar, we kept getting "shhhhh" at, but ya cant keep the volume down on a bunch of surfers, a K1 fighter, Japanese street artist, an American, an Aussie or a half British/Japanese chick! We were rowdy and the food was a dream.
We fooled around on the street for a bit after dinner. I got my palm read randomly and we all took the group photos below. Went back to Nakano's place for beers, then walked to a near by hip hop/skater bar. The boys tagged on the streets and one mate even threw up, ha! The bar rocked! Tina, Kid and I danced our hearts out......
After that joint Kid, Alec, Tina and I went to another bar in Ebisu- no one was there but we got free Moet -excellent. Kid had one of his mates come pick us up and drive us into a massive hip hop club in Shibuya. I lost my shit when I saw there were live Japanese rappers on stage blowin the place up. The crowd was going nuts , I got right into it.

It basically turned into my best night in Tokyo......a bangin club, live Japanese hip hop, good friends, vodka cranberrys, dancing = awesome.

The view from Nakano's place in Harajuku

Kid's assistant, Tomo, Tina, Nakano and Kid

Nakano yeeeow

Murasaki Sports opening. Its where the massive Quiksilver store used to be if y'all been there.

Tina and I were the only girls there

Shogo and I

Tina and the Volcom Stone- inside very hot

Tina and Shogo!

Kid and myself

Kid Yamamoto

Tomo is a pro Japanese surfer. He gave me raaaad Volcom for Japan Relief tee that night


Tina ruling the dance floor, init

Sumo dude was chillin in the hip hop club

Buchi and me!

Volcom skater- Genki