Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lets Go To SF!!

Thought I'd make a little animation GIF of my August 2010 trip from LA to SF for 5 days. Our first night was just Phoebe, Chris and I playing pool at a local bar. Got so drunk that night by mistake, threw up all night! Next day we had to drive to SFO to return our hire car then BART back into the city- not as easy as one would think, we got so lost and fucked up our trains not to mention I was feeling pretty gnarly with a sicky hangover. Later that day the 3 of us went to Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate park. It was over 2 days (no night stay, so you leave come back next day). We saw Phoenix, Kings Of Leon, Wild Beasts, The Strokes, Al Green, Wolfmother, some gnarly dub steb, Cat Power, Naz and Ziggy Marley......
Getting to Golden Gate Park from where we were staying down on 7th and Mission was fucked. We COULD NOT get ANY cab to pick us up. They'd stop, we'd say "Outside Lands" they'd drive off.....mofo's. We eventually bribed a driver to take us. He turned out to be rad, even said he'd pick us up at 11.30 that night. Well fuck us 3 were sooooo hammered by the time The Strokes headlined and we even left early I remember, as we couldn't see anything.......! Waited on the street for AGES to get on a public bus, people was packed, no chance, no answer from our cabby mate either so we walked from 37th and Fulton for an hour or so until a bus would finally pick us up (as they we all full from other festival goers, but Hey it was a 'walk to remember'). Back at our shitty hotel, we got ready to go out and meet some friends. That night ended up being so hectic and full of drama too.
Next day, Pheebs and I checked into a new hotel, tried like crazy to get a cab to Outside Lands again. We met a random dude on a corner and we ended up sharing a cab with him eventually, but we missed a few bands we wanted to see due to cabbies being assholes. That day and night was a blur, but I do remember Phoenix was amazing.
Our 4th day we took trams, trains and the Muni to Mollusk surf shop down so far away from everything. Where we started in The Mission was sunny and warm, but after an hour on public transport it clouded over and felt like a total different city. The shop and the dudes that ran it were worth the trip though.

That night Phoebe and I met DeeJae and Leon and went to a reggae dope bar around the 24th. Now that was a good night! Drank, smoked, danced, laughed= awesome.
Last day we walked along Haight street then took the BART and a flight back to LA! 

Wow did I sleep well when I got home.

music- 'Devil's Crayon' Wild Beasts

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