Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Nā Pali Coast Pt.2- Come Dive With Me

Captain Yeager drove our boat into this sphere shaped cave carved out by freshwater. It was the first time we all jumped off the boat & it was exhilarating. 
The water was so clear you could see the sand ripples on the floor from deep below.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nā Pali Coast Pt.1- Dolphin Greetings

We woke before dawn to get our mate Captain Ben's boat ready for the days Nā Pali trip. Ben  (The Bear) had a bunch of girls who had booked a ride that day and his Dad, 'The Don' Yeager was in town too, so Ben had a full boat of bikini clad American girls drinking Coors Lite, his Dad, Rusty & Me- The Bear was stoked.  

Being on this boat ride from 5am- 2pm in the Hawaiian sun, diving into caves with icy blue coloured warm pacific ocean, swimming with turtles, swimming with dolphins and all sorts of neon coloured fish, seeing mountain goats climb to a narrow peak and sit down, wave to other people on boats, helicopters, kayaks, campers, snorkelers, taking in the incredible expanse of the cliffs and mountains etched from freshwater waterfalls making faces in their curves.........was absolutely mind blowing! 

My heart was raced, my heart stopped, my heart was heavy and then extremely light, I put down my camera many times throughout the trip to take the glory in. I didn't have a wide enough lens or close enough zoom to capture every moment, you just need to be there, be present and let it consume you. 

I have come to realise my ultimate therapy is nature. Where I feel my happiest, energised and at my best is in Hawaii xxx