Friday, October 8, 2010


Early morning Tuesday Aug 31st I said goodbye to LA and flew to Jacksonville Beach, FL.
Twas so good seeing Chris and Adam from BLORR! It been a gruelling 18 months of cyber talk about photos, movies and music....never did we think the day would come that we could all start this.
Here in Florida is where our music documentary began........ these photos are just 'behind' the scenes.......super hot fun times.

Jax day. A hurricane was coming in,
not quite the "50 year storm" like everyone hoped.

Chris' car battery died whilst idling/ waiting for Adam to order food after their show in downtown Jax. 
I sussed jumper leads for us....

This is the lovely girl, Celeste who's house we stayed at in Jax for 2 days. Her and I road bikes at sunset around the town.....that was real nice.

Satellite Beach, FL my next stop of accommodation and party times. This was on my birthday.....I just sunbaked all day.

Sept 3rd- BLORR sound check for Orlando, FL house party. Another band played too who were from Melbourne, Australia. Random

The beautiful Jamie on the smallest seat ever. That night we did thee best Shadow Puppet show yet.

Satellite Of Love

This is where I was staying in nice. Everytime I'd step outside, my sunglasses and camera lens would fog from the humidity and sea salt. Crazy hot days.

I want to go back.....wah