Saturday, November 10, 2012

My 3 Week B/D Trip in a 3min Blink

I love how songs and albums become your 'soundtrack' to your holidays or summer. This song by Dinosaur Jr was over played on this vacay.
I flew into LA (then went to Cabo, Mexico but left it out of this video), flew into San Diego for 2 days, drove back up to LA for 4 days, flew over to Maine for 3 days, took the bus from Portsmouth, NH to NYC for 5 days (too short), flew down to Cocoa Beach, FL for 2 quick fun filled days then flew back across to LA for 1 night and 1 day before boarding my flight back to Sydney!
Crazy times, good times, sad times, funny times---->

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Maine Daze Pt.6- Friendly Toast

Colleen and I were like- You guys go surf, we're gonna sit on the beach and drink PBR's. 

Goodbye Maine and New Hampshire, hopefully we'll meet again

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Maine Daze Pt.5- Side Saddlin'

On my last morning at Runaway Farm in Maine, Wendy took me for a horse ride on the beautiful Oddy.  He was so nice to ride, I don't recall riding a horse since I was maybe 12 or something, so this was a real treat. I want another!
It was super hot that day. After my horse ride I sat outside in the shade with Ty's Dad, Al talking about farm stuff as we waited for an abnormal squirrel to come out the tree...then Dom drove Colleen, Ty and myself into town---->