Wednesday, April 27, 2011

eats and drinks on a trip.....


Finally I've got my website updated and runnin' like a dream!

Check it here

Monday, April 11, 2011

Foals @ Tatlers

Back in January I was luckily invited to the secret instrumental collab with FOALS, Jono Ma and even Warpaint drummer, Stella (who took over mid-set) for the Tatlers night, Love Buzz. The drum set was borrowed from my mate Mathew Gardner from Ernest Ellis too! (small world this is)
I didnt take too many photos as I wanted to enjoy the moment- which fricken ruled!

Oh and dont judge me on my tipsy video.........I was on the vodka's that night yew!

All thanks to this lovely lady, Chi Chi Menendez xx

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Home on a Saturday night making Zines..........??

I spent today, a beautiful warm sunny Autumn day in Officeworks. I was insanely photocopying pages of my Tokyo Zine, "Its Time To Go, Baby" to sell at the Garage Sale at Sugarmill Fine Surf Emporium. The Sale is on tomorrow and I have 6 hours of sleep ahead of me...........if i dont do my work in the 11th hour it doesnt feel right. I have never- even since primary school have I done work on time, I feel more of a sense of achievement if I feel stressed and run off my feet??? I'm nuts, I'm not called 'Hell' for nuthin.
Anyway, tomorrow shall be a fine day!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My 4th + Last Day in Noosa- wah

My last day in Noosa was spent in the sun and sweat down at the Finals. We were all stoked to see Harrison take the gold for the Noserider!
I hunted down Kameron Brown (who's the long blonde angel in these pics above). I needed a photograph of him and had the perfect spot, so Matt kindly drove Kam and I up to Sunshine to get his board then back down the hill. That was hilarious in it self......
Everyone I met and hung out with over the wkd were so damn lovely. I didnt realise how much I needed a chilled out beach holiday like this until I got home and felt so relaxed and de-stressed.
I'd do it all again in a heartbeat! Im thinking next year fa sure.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Noosa Day 3

I woke up on the Saturday to a whole lot of Yewing coming from the boys gearing up to surf. Once all the coffee was made and drunk, the boys left and the kitchen seemed safe to enter. Eventually the girls and I wanted to swim, so we drove around to the local beaches searching for the boys. Unable to find them, we decided to go out anyway (like we needed them to do everything? ha) I remember walking from the car through the dunes to the sea in heavy tropical rain- no towels needed. After our swim we trampled barefoot around the supermarket gathering items to make Pumpkin soup.........back at the house the sun shone for maybe and hour and thats when I snapped these above pics of Mitch and Strath.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Out on the lawn in Noosa....

Strath and his stories........

2nd Day in Noosa


Woke up a little hung from the night before.
I remember drinking rum, red wine, beer and cider...yikes.
Strath made a delicious porridge for breakfast, Thomas (Doc) made like 10 coffees for us all. We got ready, packed the cars and headed down to the comp.
Zero waves. Flat. The sun was out in full force at least.
Drained from sun and not much surf action I followed Strath and Matt back up to the house. Everyone else came back after awhile as we all chilled on the grass, listened to music, drank, smoked, talked, laughed, Strath read his stories, Jims Mowing rocked up to mow the lawns, we moved inside for a bit, more lying around, then straight back on the freshly cut lawn- Repeat.