Monday, June 4, 2012

Enter San Fran- Pt 4. Gaultier Darling

I woke up around lunchtime feeling pretty shady after last nights party. I pulled myself together to visit the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition at the De-Young......I went by myself, it was awesome.

It was SO incredible. He had all these mannequins standing dressed in costume with projections of talking, singing, blinking faces onto the mannequins.

These girls were all singing, it so lovely.

Madonna's dress- one of many

This guy was talking to himself in his reflection stressing about his appearance and how everyone would perceive him. As an observer, this show was so interactive, I just stood next to this mannequin listening.

I love this shot of naomi Campbell by Paolo Roversi. I later bought postcards of it in the book shop.

All these mannequins were spinning around as if on a live catwalk. So cool

me on a ciggie break. It was freezing outside I remember my hands were icy.

I went back inside the De-Young to see this small show on Photographer Arthur Tress whom captured San Francisco environmental portraiture in '64

Chris had to pick up wine at the Fairy Building, so I snapped the Bay Bridge and buildings surrounding. It was so cold down there.....

I was so stoked to capture this bus as we drove passed the Civic Centre. I later saw them in LA 2 weeks later too!

We went to visit the famous Windy street.....
...the line-up for cars to drive down it was intense. I jumped outta the car and ran down a few thousand steps to take these shots below. 
I was pretty puffed going back up to the car, yesh, worth it though. for dinner at
 Dosa Indian Restaurant in the Castro......

Absolutely incredible dishes. Types of food and flavours I have never tried before. Chris and I were SO full after, we went home and crashed out.

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