Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hollywood You Please? Pt.2- IN-N-OUT-N-AROUND

I woke up on my 2nd Day in LA feeling surprisingly chipper and not hungover which is crazy as we had massive night before.........? Coconut Water is the key people!
What was going to happen today?!
My friend took me to breakfast at The Farmers Market on Fairfax where I saw that actor from Californication, Taylor, who Hank Moody loathes. Then, mid omelette- my Havaianas broke. I had to bare foot/ leg it back to the car. Classy. 
Choi called me as soon as I got back to my apartment saying lets drive to Volcom H.O in Costa Mesa. 
Before I knew it we were picking up skater Aaron Suski from a round the corner then drove down south. I so needed sleep, but the sun was out and hot, there was no way my camera was missing this opportunity.
I got to meet everyone at Volcom, even met a pet 20 week old Falcon named Zola. Random. A storm brewed in and got really cold out. Choi and I went to IN-N-Out, Instagrammed our experience then drove back to Hollywood.
We drove over Arto Saari's house to chill for a bit before getting ready for Mexican dinner at El Carmen. That place was fricken incredible. The Margaritas were insane- take me back there now.
After dinner Choi and I went back to his office and hung out with Rick as he framed up some photos. Nina came over too and we all chilled, talking, smoking, drinking, listening to music. Another great late night.


We were most likely listening to Lana Del Rey or Cut Copy

Zola, bred for hunting rabbits. Look out Bugs

Arto's Pool

One of the only times I'll ever eat beef. Yep

Dark and stormy in Costa

Thank you for leaving this in my car Cortlyn. Aussie colours too, joy.

The El Carmen experience with Choi, Annie, mint/cucumber Margie's and myself drinking them.

Back in the office with Choi and Rick.

Nighty night

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