Monday, May 28, 2012

Enter San Fran- Pt 1. Arrivals

On the 20th Of April I left Sydney on a Qantas 380 to San Francisco with a 6 hour lay over at LAX.
I remember arriving somewhat "fresh" into LA after a nice Valium/Vodka induced airplane snooze. Made friends on the flight and also with the airport customs staff....they loved me!
I threw back some Burger King and Starbucks at the airport, sat with 2 girls under the age of 10 then retouched some photos whilst waiting for my connection to SF. The unstoppable teary yawns came into play during boarding. I hit my window seat and passed out for the 50 minute or so flight up north.
Got my bag like a cool breeze then waited, smoking copious cigarettes for my best mate Chris to pick me up. It was "4/20" in Cali that day which means the national day for smoking weed, so naturally Chris arrived with a doobie. Instead of making me tired, it revved me up!
 I was back in SF for crying out loud, it was sunny, warm, I was with my old buddy.......I chugged back a 5 hour energy during the Lakers game before getting ready to go eat mexican, (I needed to stay awake through dinner).
The rest of the night was and still is a blur. My jet-lag checked in early but I think I managed to stay out pretty late..........those 5 hours are strong.

Here's some shots of my arrival into San Fran:


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