Thursday, May 16, 2013

Son Of The Cheese- Yoru 夜, Tokyo 2012

After the skate day in Cheese's bowl a group of us went to Okinomiyaki for dinner. 
Note: your hair and clothes will smell of japanese pancake all night long.

From Nakameguro eats we headed to Ebisu to watch a mad band play real loud jazzy music. Added more onto our group then cabbed into Shi boom shi booms for hip hop club cray cray. There were all these incredible guy rappers, hip hop dancers and girls going nuts on stage....Mai, Tina and I got down n dirteeee

Friday, May 10, 2013

Son Of The Cheese- Hiruma 昼間, Tokyo 2012

That Monday morning May 21st, I got a lift back to Tokyo, and within half an hour of my arrival Marika and I bailed on the injured Michelle to go hang with Tina and Mai at their mates place in Nakameguro......a great day chillin.

The day as follows----->