Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lamono Magazine Interview

Elle Green (Australia) se dedica a explicar historias mediante sus fotografías. Documenta sus aventuras y el día a día, todo aquello que pasa cuando acompaña a skaters y surfistas en sus viajes. Porque nos gusta verlos haciendo trucos imposibles, pero nos encanta saber qué ocurre cuando tienen los pies en el suelo. Hay que reconocerlo, somos curiosos por naturaleza y tenemos debilidad por las historias. Y cuanto más personales y más detalle tengan, mejor. Adoramos conocer lo que se mueve tras los escenarios y las sesiones de fotos, descubrir cómo vive y siente la gente en realidad. Y con un poco de suerte, conocer aquello que mejor protegemos: nuestro lado oscuro.
Puedes leer la entrevista completa en español en el número impreso de septiembre/octubre de lamono: DARK SIDE, aquí. Para recibir la revista en tu casa puedes suscribirte enviando un e-mail a
Elle Green (Australia) lives through telling stories with her photographs. She documents her daily adventures when she travels with skaters and surfers around the world. We like seeing them do impossible tricks, but we love to know what’s happening when they have their feet on the ground. We have to admit we are curious beings and we have a soft spot for stories, the more personal and detailed, the better. We like to know what happens behind the scenes and the photo calls, to get to know how people really live. And if we are lucky, we’ll get to know what we treasure the most: our dark side.
You can read the entire interview at lamono’s September/October print issue: DARK SIDE here. To receive the print magazine at home you can subscribe to lamono by sending an e-mail to

Monday, April 7, 2014

In The Battle For Belonging

Stoked that 1AM Magazine printed and online published my story I shot of these 3 beautiful boys, Sean Keenan, Nick Pesto and Zach Grenenger.

Photo: Elle Green
Styling: Cynarra Ferguson
H+M: Nicole Sheavyn

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Haleiwa Xmas Pageant + Welzie Art

The Friday before Xmas last year I went to a Xmas gathering at Noelani's Yoga studio with Daniela and Donna, much to my surprise it was also the Haleiwa town's Xmas Pageant! 

I had such a great night meeting new friends, eating amazing local vegetarian food, drinking corked red wine and taking pics. 

I remember it being a really hot, humid night and when Noelani's party finished, Donna and her mates drove us to Waialua
 for an Art party. Turned out to be Welzie and Carl from Two Crows Surfboards shaping bay and warehouse! I met those guys in Japan at Greenroom Festival 2012 where we killed it at karaoke, so we were stoked to randomly see each other.

This night was just another incredible night on the North's some pics ---->

Friday, March 21, 2014

Oahu fun with Christian + Heather

I met Christian and Heather at their house in Sunset Beach. 
Within minutes of hanging out, I totally loved them both, as their beauty, soul and sense of humour is one of a kind, the best kind! 
I am so happy they are engaged to be married!  

Here's some pics I took of the beautiful 2 during my last week in Oahu....