Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Night Out with KID in TOKYO

What does a girl in Tokyo do when she's been out 5 nights straight? Go out again! 

It was a crazy Friday night- I got ready, it was humid as fuck out, cabbed from Hiro-o to Shibuya to meet my new friend Yumi. I met her last May at Greenroom Festival, she had a beautful American Indian style rug I ordered from her back then- well, she had the rug to give me, so we met and walked across the road to have some beers.....

Thats where we met West Africa here-

West Africa would not let me go. He was super adament about getting me to dance. I was super adament about sitting down and wiping the condensation off my Corona onto my face. It was 12am, slightly raining = sweat city.

Said goodbye to Yumi, caught the last train back to Hiro-o, figured I wouldn't go out again.........Kid called me as I walked into the building.......he and his mates were getting tattooed still, so I dumped my stuff then headed to some model party at Velours in Aoyama and waited for the boys.

Turned out the boys were at the wrong club. I had to boost out of Velours and flag down a cab. Held my cell to the driver for directions from Kid..................finally, at maybe 2am, I met the boys. I was fucken tired, they were pumped after getting tattooed all night.........

gimme a redbull vodka and a bangin hip hop club!

as follows below.....