Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Maine Daze Pt.4- Elevated Pinkys

DJ Car Knobs 'N' The Clique O' Fucks



Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Maine Daze Pt.2- Pump It Up

My first night in Maine/New Hampshire was spent drinking, meeting the locals, playing with dogs and getting Maccas drive thru.

A group of us went to a few bars around Portsmouth, the first one I was denied at coz I looked under 21 and didn't have my passport on me, 
"Like I'd fly all the way from Sydney Australia underage with a fake drivers licence just so I could drink at your (shitty) bar. Are you serious?" 

-"Sorry lady you look young"

I just turned 30 so I will take that compliment!

Next bar looked at my licence and said, 
"AUSTRALIA?!!! Come right in!" 

Now thats more like it!!

One point in the night we were all walking to another bar and I got the attention of some chick who loved my accent (and loved me as I worked out later when I was standing at a table with 'strong' looking women). The lady was super nice though and stoked on life, and my life for that matter.

On my travels I've realised there's 2 major draw cards to Australia from Americans-

This lady on the street was like (in your best New England American accent) -
" Ohhhhhhhh! AUSTRALIA! I love it so much I was there in '09, yep, thats right '09", she basically yelled at me nodding, like to reassure herself, 

"GREAT BARRIER REEF. OH MY GOD" hand on her heart,  "AMAZING. AMAZING. And you know what I did on my first day in Sydney?!"

-"What? Mardi Gras? Climb the bridge....?" I asked

"YES! I climbed the bridge it was FANTASTIC!!" 

We had a lot to talk about, so much she bought me a round of shots, (wet pussys of course). The bar chick came up to me, put her hand on my shoulder ever so lightly but a little too squeezy for my liking and whispered ever so nicely, 
 "You like that shot lady?"

- "yea it was great, but ahhhhh little Too Schnappesy" I said.

At that point I looked up and realised Ty and his mates were Not standing with me and all these women. 
I bailed out.

Then at another bar some guy yelled out to me that he was from New Zealand. I said, 
"Yeah right"

He said something about Flight Of The Concords and I yelled back -
"You are not kiwi

he replied, 
"ahh fuck how could you tell?"

Pretty funny I caught him out so quickly. We all reckon he thought he hit the jackpot with me. Fuuuuuunny.