Monday, February 13, 2012

Bjorn in his Element

On January 27th we headed down to Ambush Gallery in Waterloo to celebrate Bjorn's board launch.

Turned into a festive evenin'

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Visited Kieran at Monster Children

Last week I was at Deus Showroom in Camperdown taking some pics, so I thought I'd jump upstairs to say Hi to Kieran and check out the MC digs too. Other then apparel layed out everywhere for an upcoming photoshoot, the place was suprisingly tidy. HA. 
How's mid covo- this Chiuaua rapidly busts through the entrance straight up my leg.

Monday, February 6, 2012

HELL-A 2010

I arrived into LA in August, 2010 for my 3 mth trip to the US, Europe, back to the US then Japan.

I didnt get to spend very much time in LA or SoCal as I hoped. I was back and forth from SF, Vegas and SD over 4 weeks........still I had an incredible time and here's the photo proof!

Pretty much parties, mexican, palm trees and traveling! 

Me with my hire car the day I drove back from SD.

Good Morning America

Dick in Silverlake

Hung out with Stef, Dick and Lucy the puppy in Silverlake one afternoon...

Matt + Stef in Echo Park


This Green Burrito was full of chicken thats it, no salad I'm pretty sure. Still a tasty delight.

Cassen in Hermosa

Lauren's 2 dawgs

This day I floored it back to LA from San Diego to watch a Dodgers game. Would've been more interesting if Kenny Powers was pitching

Chris and Cassen after we ate Mexican at The Velvet Margerita in West Hollywood??


We were given a huge bucket of popcorn. I managed to spill it over, smash my wine glass and knock over a beer in a matter of seconds.

I was super lucky to get invited to see Chromeo and The Chemical Brothers at the Hollywood Bowl thanks to Cassen, Rory and Chris!

Ever since watching "I Love You, Man" I have wanted to eat fish tacos at James Beach. Chris made my dream come true 1st night in LA.

Chris and I driving down to Hermosa token......

Phoebe and I feeling very patriotic

Phoebe on our first lunch together in Hollywood. Some amazing Sushi place near the Church of Scientology

Chris and I in Hermosa Beach about to go to a bad ass house party with Cassen and Rory.

My room at Chris' place in Marina Del Ray- blow up mattresses ahoy

Went to Emerica's STAY GOLD video premiere in Hollywood

Mr Ryan Dunn R.I.P and Preston Lacy at The Bowery


Matt back at Purple's house after the premiere.

Purple in Hollywood

K.P 4 Life

Lucy pup Stef and Matt found on their street in Echo Park. They had to give her away....

          Hi, bye!