Friday, March 8, 2013

Cabo San Lucas- Cruceros Booze

On Tuesday 4th September, April and I went on a Booze Cruise to see the famous Cabo El Arco and snorkel. The Arches were so beautiful I wanted to jump off the boat and have a booze snooze under them.
The cruise was pretty gnarly, only coz it was hot as all fuck outside and choppy on the high seas (April felt sea sick). Pretty sure it was $US60- for all you can drink and eat for 4 hours including snorkelling and seeing the El Arco. 
Everyone sunbaked on the upper deck, barely drinking any alcohol, April and I didn't think to bring towels so we were sippin/slippin/slidin on their sweaty lounges- ewwww.
I was the first one off the boat to snorkel. They had roped off a section in the sea where the fish were- I saw like 1 fish and a whole heap of floating trash. Coming from clean beaches in Australia, made us think "Why did we think snorkelling would be good here?"
They cranked up the hardcore dance music for everyone to "Get down on it", but no one danced, they barely drank, I think they were all hungover. Funny.

Nevertheless 'twas a fun day in the hot hot sun.


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