Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One Day we went to the SUMO!

My favorite thing about being in Tokyo is you cant plan anything. Everytime I've been there, my day seems to progressivly get better. Like this day- Tina and I woke up similar times, around 9am or so....she got a phone call from Mish and boom! 4 free tickets to see the SUMO at 3pm that day. I love it! Everyday no idea whats in store.....just be open and it'll come to you.

We were pretty close to the stage too. I like that you take your shoes off and your seats are small thin cushions on mats with a gold rail running around your small area. I have never heard Japanese yell and clap so much. It was awesome.

Tina, Michael + Mish

These boys were sitting next to us. Love that they're in business suits and everyone was eating this wafer icecream thinge?!
I was asked by a friend a week later if I could smell chicken and did I notice people eating fried chicken....I said ahhh No? He told me there's a chicken factory beneath the stadium hence why you can smell it and that its a "thing" to go to SUMO and eat fried chicken-

How's Tina left her bag outside, she didnt realise straight away....we went looking for it. She asked a security guard who knew exactly which bag it was (had monkeys on it). He took us all the way (seemed like half way round the massive stadium) to the lost and found/security office. Funny to think the bag got so far so quickly. Tina had to fill out all these forms and ink her thumb print. The bag was there with everything in it, including the Y30,000 (AUS$330.00)she had just taken out prior. Only in Japan! Only in Japan would you get your bag back with everything in it!
After SUMO Teens, Mish and I had to ride the trains back to Hiro-o to get ready for Okinomiyaki dinner that night. On the subway I believe we were 6 levels or more in the ground......awesome when there's earthquakes all time still!

Tina just chillin', illin'

My FAVORITE pet store is in Roppongi right near Havana and the old Lime. I have spent many a night squealing over how cute they all are.

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