Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Japan Arrival. My 5th Time and thee best time yet!

So Sam from The Critical Slide Society and I left Sydney for Tokyo Saturday morning May 14th. We were supposed to leave on Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong, but the flight was delayed. As we arrived at the help desk, the C.P staff had already booked us on a Direct SYD-NAR flight on JAL. Not only were we high fiving coz it was a direct flight but arrived at 5pm instead of 9.30pm. Hooray!

My luggage. I'm all about the shoot the bags before and after, you always come back with so much more right? Especially from Japan, you get given a lot of stuff too. (The marshmallows and snakes alive were requested from my pregnant friend, Angie Takanami) oh and how's I bloody left my reflector at Tina's place! Grrr. Oh well now Nick and I will always have one to use in Tokyo.

Shit breakfast/lunch on JAL. Coz I want a block of cheese and a Tim Tam at 10am. I've always thought they had the best airline food, oh how they've changed. (on the way back is better)

Sam and Masa driving into Toks. Masa always use phone

Masa met Sam and I at Narita. No waiting around at all, straight on the freeway into Tokyo. The sun was blazing at sunset. It was my first time to arrive into Tokyo by car, usually its been trains or Airport Limousine (up right ha). Already felt like a different trip.

Masa and Sam dropped me off at Tina's place where the girls were waiting for me. Dinner was served then we went into Shibuya for a drink. I was sooooo exhausted and still sick so an early night was had.

Shibuya station. Used to be Much much brighter before the Tsunami. Most of the lights are off at night now to save energy. Looks less crazy thats for sure. Kinda makes you think about how much energy and power was used purely for advertising/marketing purposes.

My Tokyo bitches- Mish, Yuka and Tina!

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