Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nike Skate Park + Meiji Shrine

On Monday 16th May, Tina and I took the bus into Shibuya then walked into Harajuku. We stopped at the new Nike skate park off Meji Dori. It runs behind Tower Records, one level up and along the Yamanote line. Looks pretty sick how the trains crusise past all the time. There's a definite 'inner city' movement, hype sorta feeling. The whole site is anally manicured, with rock climbing walls, small soccer field and apparently charging ¥200 for skaters to use the park. There's no Nike signage at all, which being Nike and in Japan- you'd think there'd definitely be advertising all over the place. Just wait and see I guess. Pretty shit though how the area used to be a massive 'home' for the homeless. So they've all had to relocate somewhere else. There's been a lot of up roar about it and people saying Nike will do some wack 'sub culture' like commercial, like I said.....just wait and see.

Click here for reports about Nike + homeless invasion

Now to lunch....hooray

Hot Soba, Tempura, Miso and some other thing that tasted amazing all for lunch in Harajuks

We walked to the Meiji Shrine in Yoyogi park. I have only been to Yoyogi for a wild 2 day Brazilian festival a few yrs back, never did I know there was a beautiful Shrine there. Tina says its where you'd come to chill out, being so peaceful, I could totally understand living in Tokyo you'd need some quiet escape. Funny to think how close its situated to crazy Harajuku and Shibuya.

Tina on the phone init

These are little blessings/prayers you purchase at the Temple. There's many different meanings so you pick the best one for you, keep it in your wallet or bag, something you have everyday to hold the prayer. They say to keep it for 1 year, then return it. Tina's had almost reached a year.......

How cute are these prayers? His heart goes out to the fish that died on that day, so sweet.

Tina and I skyped Nick (who was in cold Melbourne) at the cafe after. I got some Strawberry icecream.

Left the Shrine and made our way back to Hiro-o.....!

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Walter said...

This seems to be a cool skate park. The rock climbing wall is awesome. Great photos, by the way.

-Walter Tully