Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunch with Mish then out to F Bar

As I didnt have a huge one on my first night, I woke up next day feeling
somewhat re-freshed,
maybe it was because I got myself a tasty Yakult? Who knows? We may never know.......
That day, Sunday 15.5.11 I met Mish at Shibuya train station, we walked into Harajuku, found somewhere snazzy for lunch, shopped for a bit, then headed back to Hiro-o and suited up for a night at F Bar for
Runway For Japan after party.
'Twas a fine day 'n' night.

Recommended when Japanese food doesnt always say 'maybe yes'

just hangin out on the bus into Shibooms Shibooms

So I met Mish and her PUPPY??!!! She's been livin in Tokyo for a year now, guess it was only a matter of time 'til she got her self a real dog that looks like a wind up toy dog thats based on a real dog.

Just kidding! It was some randoms dog.

Sorry Mish, ha.

Here's a make-up photo of you and me Mish where we both look like kooks. I got that vintage tee on Harajuku street in Harajuku (not just a clever name)

I totally understand the need (craving?) for eggs after being in Japan.
As its on 90% of every food served.
This is a beef taco salad,
I didnt feel the desire for egg just yet.....

These girls were all lining up outside a store with heaps of press all around.
I told Mish to get up there, she answered
"Maybe No"

Back at Tina's with our Chu-Hi Strong hands. 6% of alcohol 94% of lemon sugar.
2 of these and your dancing.
Shake the can then stop before the last mouth fall- its a douzy

F Bar in Azabu Juban.
Danny's Dj-ing, Mish and I are clearly feeling the music here.

Mish totally agreeing with whatever Tina said.

Tina's arm is so athletic, I'd be scared to meet her in a dark alley

Red seemed to be the colour scheme for the night. I was drinking vodka cranberrys, wearing a red dress, red lipstick, call me elle red if you will

This chick DJ ruled

How's first glance of the tee looks like "Run away from Japan" ?

Danny and some amazing guy?

Not sure who this is, but he seems pretty certain

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