Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Japan 2011

I cant believe its come around so fricken fast! I fly out this Saturday 14th to Tokyo!!! Yeeeew!

Since the tsunami 2 months ago, I was real unsure about going back as one could imagine. Buuuuuut my friends who live there have assured me Japan is finally settling down, getting back to the norm, however still experiencing earthquakes (shit?!). I am nervous and excited to go see Japan after all that has happened...........

I am going to shoot for The Critical Slide Society for the 3rd time! I will be flat out shooting for artist Steven Harrington show in Harajuku May 17th. We have bump in May 19th, the Opening on the 20th then 2 days of Greenroom Festival which I am exhibiting at for the 1st time (excellent!)

Greenroom wont be the same without the majority of American and Aussie surfers like the last 2 years, but hey it'll still be fun all the same!

TCSS also have a show on May 24th too. Im gonna be crazy busy over there but super looking forward to it. No one goes to Japan to relax anyway (however a traditional onsen with my friend Angie in Ichinomiya will have to be done)

Oh! and I've been listening to a lot of Ray Barbee and Whitest Boy Alive lately too. Ray Barbee meets the Mattson 2 played Greenroom '09, so his music always brings me back to that time..........

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