Monday, October 8, 2012

NYC Just You + Me Pt.2

Caught up with Will on W23rd for a quick catch up. That 15-20 mins or so made my day....
 He walked me down to 14th with his dog Coco, then I caught the L back BK.

Met these guys on a rooftop the night before and partied, talked shit all night. In this picture we were on a mission to find Bloody Marys around ohhhhh 10am or so.

Both out for the count

On my last day I visited Giles at Saturdays. So nice to see him too!

My Williamsburg abode and morning view

Can we hang out with all the boys??!!

Random nice dude who was crashing at my new random friends house. He just got back from Burning Man and was British yea

Wythe Hotel has an amazing rooftop with Manhattan skyline views, pretty, pretty good!

Saw ELLE spray painted on a lot of spots. Who is this other ELLE?! Me likey

Turbo Fruits bassist

The Commodore on Met Ave in BK had this movie on. Now thats a good bar!

Saw Nashville's 'Turbo Fruits' play at Mercury Lounge then partied with them after. Nice boys

I was so wrecked on Saturday night after my 'all nighter', I came home after dinner to put my feet up and watch Family Guy. A great Saturday night in

Trashy tropics at Kellog's diner on Met Ave. Love the little hand there on the right

Toastin to the good life

Car service to LaGuardia please sir. Bye, Bye NYC now I'm DTF- Down To Florida.....

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