Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Maine Daze Pt.1- Sleep Upon Arrival

Virgin America flew me for the first time from LA to Boston on Sunday night Sept. 9th. 
I endured a quick 5 hour flight arriving into Logan INTL at 2am WST, yet 5am EST. I was effed to say the least. 
No sweat I downed 2 Valiums in a vodka soda before take off so I was guaranteed sleep. 
I've traveled enough now not to fuck around with that.
 Sleep I got and sleep I lost. 
Once landing in Boston, I had to wait an hour or so for my bus to depart for Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Weary eyed, I dragged my luggage around 'Arrivals' to find an open kiosk for some water and gum (nothing was open), then I set up shop in a restroom to 'freshen up'.
Almost missed my bus as I was standing in the wrong section of the bus 'pick-up'. Fricken legged it down the path, panting handing over my suitcase to the driver. 
"Australia hey? What the hell takes you to New Hampshire?" He asked, (funny I was thinking the same thing at that point), 
"Visiting a friend" I replied, 
"Well you have a nice trip young lady".  
Americans are so nice in their custom.
Slept on the 1 hour bus ride to Portsmouth. I remember not checking the station as I got off the bus but kinda assumed it was my stop as everyone got off.......I'm an idiot sometimes, luckily the final stop was my destination. Fuck gimme a break I was running on 2 hours of sleep.
I set up camp on a bench in the sun smoking as I waited for Ty to pick my ass up around 8am. 
I had my music in my ears blaring......I'm gonna say the new Yeasayer- clearly not thinking Ty may call my phone, and that he did- I was in a surreal state of.....New Hampshire?

My day as follows---->----->

Bye bye LA

Good morning East Coast

York, Maine Lighthouse. Postcard paradise

Ty's first story he told me was how a baby Bat flew into his car's windshield the night before. So.......we dug a little grave on Ty's farm and bid the baby bat adieu   

Not lying I was zonked all day, like drugged (2 too many valiums?? woopsie!). I sat sleeping in the car as Ty surfed. Pretty sure I woke up drooling when Ty nudged me with his board.

Did I nap before we went out that night? I have no idea........wait for my next post

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