Monday, March 4, 2013

Cabo San Lucas- Bailemos!

Hittin 'The Strip' in Cabo at night was pretty outrageous. I honestly dont think Ive seen anything like it, not even in Vegas. All the cray cray table top dancin and shots of tequila gettin past around like water? Of course April and I got into it. Grindin to Snoop Dogg on a table top has a whole new meaning....
 I remember April and I gettin our picture taken, then the photographer came back with our picture printed on a Tequila bottle! I couldn't Not buy it. 
All the street kids outside hustlin the tourists for cash in exchange for toys was a bit too much though. They actually follow you up the street and hang around sayin Senorita, Senorita! Ya kinda like OK go away now!
The best part about being out drinkin and sweatin from dancin in Cabo is the night food. None of this Hungry Jacks bullshit- lets get a taco! Amazin way to end a night.

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