Friday, October 5, 2012

NYC Just You + Me Pt.1

I caught the C&J Trailways bus from Portsmouth, NH to Port Authority in NY the other week....this is what played out when I arrived ---->

5 hours direct to NY on this bus was a piece of cake. 

$ $ Bills y'all

The Portsmouth, NH bus stop had complimentary baby bagels and coffee. Why yes I will partake in this spread

aaaaaaand I'm in a cab from Port Authority to LES to meet April. I remember feeling thank fuck all that travelling was easy and bring it on NYC.

April and I sippin the mojito BK good life

We got stuck in a lift. When it says 13 people max in a lift could mean some chicks booty can shut the mofo down. 
 I was like "anyone got a joint?! Lets dutchy dutchy". 
We were all loud and rowdy for maybe 2 mins before a small panic set it and it was really fucking hot. The lift was like jumping up and down 'pulsing' making the scariest noise. I may have made a comment about needing Keanu Reeves from SPEED. 
Gus' neighbours heard us all screaming so they found a tool that could pry open the doors. 
We were all screaming with joy when we got out, Oh my lord get us all a drink stat.

Met up with Alek Parker, Lisa and Mikey DeTemple for $1 oysters for entree then went around the corner to an amazing lil' mexi joint.

Gus + I at The Commodore

It was nice arriving into NY by bus, being high up for photo ops and just a different way to arrive ya know. 

Hi Chuck Bass

Jamie, April and Gus

Love these guys at The Commodore. I was requesting Nelly and Beach Boys to play. They loved/hated me- nah loved me gave me free drinks yew!

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