Friday, May 3, 2013

Greenroom Festival, Yokohama, JAPAN '12- 1日目

Its almost a year since I was there for my 4th Greenroom Festival in Japan, and its a bout time I put up these photos!
It was a great 3.5 days in Yokohama with my mates. 
First day was spent driving down from Tokyo, sourcing velcro from Tokyu Hands with Masa, setting up my wall of photos with Liam's help, then beer drinking, then Chinatown food eating, sake slingin with the TCSS crew.

Day One of Greenroom was awesome. Mai, Nadia, Liam and Jan came down from Tokyo to join in the fun- well make my day fun as you really have to hang by your artwork and try and "sell it" to the non English speaking Japanese festival punters. Thank you Nadia and Mai for being my translators! 

It became dusk and I became tipsy. All of us were sitting outside TCSS booth getting stupid on cheap Asahi tall cans. Mikey and Doc were especially hilarious as always. We soon all went side stage for The Drums set- then Mai and I asked for the bands number- we got it.

Pics as follows---->

Nadia + Mai

The Drums were fun, and thanks for the esky of beeru


My photo wall

Yokohama Ferris wheel, I love it

Mikey + myself

Dare and Dustin


Nadia, me, Mai and some new friend?

I made badges


Chinatown lazy susan- felt pretty lazy after all that joy


Sam, Coombes, Liam and Doc- backseat snuggles to dinner

Masa + Doc saying "Maybe No" to shark fin soup

Dinner crew followed by beeru

Hi Mai chan

Hi Masa san

Hi, its me

Liam slicin up velcro

We were bored in the morning so Harry and Mikey made paper planes out of Harry's art. Pretty sure they hit people.

Dragon artist

Masa's kiddies

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