Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Enter San Fran - Pt 2. The Green Belt

I woke up like a champion that Saturday 21st of April. I had my own room and bathroom at Chris and Cassen's house, so I felt all cozy and right at home. Best way to travel!
Today Chris and I walked through the Green Belt, north of Golden Gate Park to 9th and Lincoln (?) for sushi lunch. It was hot and sunny for San Fran, like 26 C, I even got a little burnt. I remember needing a nap after all that walking, the beer over lunch didnt help neither.
Got back to Chris' place, told him to wake me in an hour..........waking up was so hard, but the sun was still out and I needed to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge. We picked up Scott who lived on Scott street and drove to the bridge for pictures. A few wrong turns to get back scored me some great shots. 
We were pumped after that drive. We came back to Chris' to get ready for a massive night out-

pics of my day as follows-

Good morning SF

A single man basking in NoPa

Chris and I 

Sushi lunch


Clear, blue San Fran skies.

I bought a few of these sauces- the rest I snagged at certain Mexi restaurants. I had to! We dont have this selection in AUS! Its an outrage.

Why oh why cant Australia have this glorious selection of mexican burritos and tacos???? C'mon!!!


These 2 lovely guys stopped and spoke to us about the park we were sitting in and how a big group of volunteers gather together every week to clean up it up. Chris and I had noticed there were more trash around then normal, and that was because 4/20 'Smokin Weed' day was the day before and everyone came to the park and partied leaving all their shit behind. Yeah good one hippies, you're all about freedom and being "green" yet you trash public areas leavin' all your patchouli stank behind.

Blazin' in the park.

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