Monday, May 21, 2012

4 Days + 5 Nights in Cocoa Beach, FL- Pt 1

I havent been back to Florida, nor seen my mates from Le Blorr since 2010, so this little trip to the west coast was pretty darn special. 
First stop was to SandBar in Cocoa Beach to eat incredible fish tacos and sample margaritas, then a bunch of us went to a bad ass dive bar where a vodka tonic was $3.00. Wowsers.
Next morning Jared and I drove to Disneyland in Orlando. Man that was a loooooong hoooooot day, but fucken fun. We were so drained after 2 rides on Space mountain rollercoaster (and the rest) we couldnt even talk. Epic day.
That night I had dinner with all the boys at Cookie's mum's house. It was so nice having a home cooked meal with friends.....felt like Christmas!
Next day I got sunstroke at the beach with Jamie, ate an amazing acai bowl, skulled coconut water then chilled in A/C til we all went out to watch Zac play at a local Irish pub.

On the Friday.........shit what did I do on maybe.......?

Friday night Chris, Adam, Zac, Autumn, CJ and I drove down to Boca, FL for Le Blorr's show with The Bright Light Social Hour. Thats was AMAZING! Such a rad night. We danced, drank, raged....laughed. Ahhhhh. Got back to Cocoa at 4am......
Saturday I went shopping with Jamie, then took photos of her and Autumn lookin smokin hot. After the girls photos I drove off with Adam and Chris to take some band shots, then we all packed up and went to their show at a local spot for Cinco De Mayo. So much tequila and tacos all week, I love it.

Next day was my last. Spent majority of it on a plane to LA with a short stop over in Phoenix.

These pics are from my fuji x100. I'll post a "Pt 2" off my Canon 5D next then random pics off my iphone! Yew!

In no particular order as follows........

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