Monday, April 4, 2011

2nd Day in Noosa


Woke up a little hung from the night before.
I remember drinking rum, red wine, beer and cider...yikes.
Strath made a delicious porridge for breakfast, Thomas (Doc) made like 10 coffees for us all. We got ready, packed the cars and headed down to the comp.
Zero waves. Flat. The sun was out in full force at least.
Drained from sun and not much surf action I followed Strath and Matt back up to the house. Everyone else came back after awhile as we all chilled on the grass, listened to music, drank, smoked, talked, laughed, Strath read his stories, Jims Mowing rocked up to mow the lawns, we moved inside for a bit, more lying around, then straight back on the freshly cut lawn- Repeat.

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