February 7th, 2012
Elle Green is a bright young thing that sits on the other side of the fence when you’re wondering what life is like in the other pasture. She’s vivacious, clever creative and she’s Volcomunity’s guest blogger. We caught up with her and chatted about jazz, being eight and everything else that attracts the people creative to this indigo child.
Volcom: Hey, Hey! So Elle, how’s things?

Elle Green:
 Life. Is. Good.
Volcom: What makes life good for Elle Green?
Elle Green: Lots of work! I feel my best when I’m incredibly busy. I like having things to look forward to, and there’s lots of that lately!
Volcom:…like me interviewing you?
Elle Green: Heck yes
Volcom: Moving all that excitment to the side for a second, what are some of the other thing you are working on and looking forward to?
Elle Green: Ha. Well besides all this incredible Volcom biz I’m involved in, I have an exciting job coming up where I’m shooting doco style stills supporting an article on Deus ex Machina and Ducati motorbikes with a French music producer/manager and former motorbike test driver. The only motorbike I’ve ever been on is on the back of my older brother’s 150cc on the farm when I was like 8.

What was it like being 8?
Elle Green: Being 8 living on a farm was oookaaaay.
Volcom: Yeah eights good. What’s the Volcom business you were talking about?
Elle Green: All this Volcomunity Featured Artist joy
Volcom:Tell me more about it. This is not a test. But you will be judged by senior management on how much you know.
Elle Green: “you will be judged” -awesome ha! I am a Featured Artist representing Australian Female Photographers for Volcomunity, girl power, all that jazz
Volcom:What style of Jazz? Fusion or experimental?
Elle Green: Skat
Volcom: Skat. Skat is good, it reminds me of being eight.
Elle Green: Believe it or not I’m actually listening to Ray Barbee right this second- which is kinda jazzy.
Volcom:Nice Ray Barbee. He know’s what time it is.

Elle Green: He knows whats up.

…or does he? Cause they do mix with the timing in jazz don’t they?
Elle Green: Riiiiiight…not with skat though.
Volcom: So how’ d you find your way in to being a creative go to girl?
Elle Green: Holy helmet I dont know?!  Socialising is always a key element in this business I reckon. I am surrounded by very talented friends, whether they are musicians, photographers or designers. That helps me with my craft so to speak.
Volcom: What’s your favorite piece of work thus far?
Elle Green: Piece of work?
Volcom: Yeah
Elle Green: I have so many
Volcom: Ok what’s your best ten? Or five- ten might take a while
Elle Green: I put together a photo collage of my last USA trip, vintage framed it, living large at a cafe in Nth Bondi. I like that.
Volcom: Whooo! What was the US trip like?
Elle Green: Amaaaaazing
Volcom: Yeah!?
Elle Green: And I’m going back!
Volcom: Sic where?
Elle Green: Cali and Florida most likely
Volcom: Nice, and what else can we expect coming out of you via the volcomunity post?
Elle Green: Well my 1st post was a collection of daytime pics, my 2nd will be ‘nightime’ then a mixed bag of all the events upcoming in Feb, e.g The Bowl-a-Rama week
Volcom: Anything you can share with an aspiring Elle Green?
Elle Green: What ya mean? I am Elle Green
Volcom: Yeah someone who want to be like you when they grow up.
Elle Green: Doesn’t matter how much you read, or are taught- going out there and doing it yourself for yourself is the best.

 Awesome closing statement, thanks Elle
Elle Green: No worries! and thankyou!
Volcom: How was the interview?
Elle Green: Was that the interview?

Elle Green: Ha! Yeah it was good man cheers.

 What was your favorite part?
Elle Green: My fav part was waiting for you to accept my skype request
Volcom: Yeah that was good. It’s funny cause that wasn’t actually apart of the interview.
Elle Green: I know

Oh, I see…well
Elle Green: I’m being stupid sorry
Volcom: No, no- that’s cool…I get it
Elle Green: Long day
Volcom: Yeah it has been, thanks
Elle Green: Cool well I’m off to eat tacos with Kimmy Reynolds!
Volcom: Nice one- lovely chatting with you!
Elle Green: Cheers, laters