Saturday, March 31, 2012

Greenroom Festival 2012 lead up

I am so pumped to be invited back to Greenroom Festival in Yokohama, JP this May 19-20th!
It will be my 4th Greenroom and my 2nd personal works exhibiting amongst the other artists. I have always been blessed going and shooting for The Critical Slide Society (TCSS), for their blog and other events we do in the 2 weeks we are in Japan.
Every year I go to Japan I gain more amazing new friends from all around the world. Those friendships I hold very closely still to this day......

My trip to California in 3 weeks is going to give me some fresh new pictures for my show. Pretty darn excited. I basically go to Cali for 2 weeks (which is already jammed packed with fun), fly to Melbourne for 3 days seeing family, back to Sydney for a week to get my photos ready and printed, then head to Tokyo, frame my prints over there, hang the show, sing karaoke and have some beers! 

I'm all set.

Here's my write up in Japanese on the Greenroom website-

Here's my write-up in English via google translate- its pretty hilarious,

El Green is people obsessed with travel photographer, and bloggerfrequentShe isthe mecca of Australia - are living in Bondi Beach there is a relaxed and easygoinglifeEl is the viewpoint of roughrawwhich is fair.
It is said that "capture the side of the truth of the material always" she.
Young people were taken in recent years, but she is well known that the surf and skatephotos, etc., of the journey
That praise in the fashion and portrait.

Here's my photo wall I did for Greenroom 2011, my shots from Noosa-


Pictures from Greenroom '11-

Masahiro + Coombesy

Myself, Tina, Michelle and Nadia. 
What the hell was so funny? Im gonna say it was something said in Japanese as clearly, by the photograph, I didnt get it. Ha

2 pups sitting in a park getting photographed

Yokohama by day

Nadia + Michelle


Yuta + Ryoko

Angie, her son Ryder and I

The boys from Basque Country





The Tree House man


Mr. Jet Lag

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