Thursday, December 13, 2012

Byron Baby Pt.2- Meet The Takanami's (Takanami o mitasu)

I've known Angie since yr.9 at Westminster School back in Adelaide.

16 years later here we are on a farm 30 mins inland of Byron Bay with her beautiful family.
 They've gone through a lot together (moving from rural Japan after 2011's tsunami pregnant with her 2nd child) to get to this quiet place deep in the Aussie bush. 

Bloody brilliant Angie, ya did it!

Meet Kuni, Angie, Ryder and Hunter Takanami---->


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Ageing Hipsters Travel said...

Hi Elle, I would love some of these photos. They brought a tear to my eye to see my beautiful grandsons. Am I allowed to print them off for myself?
cheers Rose