Monday, December 10, 2012

Byron Baby Pt. 1- Lets Do This

The last week of November I flew up to Byron Bay for 5 days.
 It was bliss. 
The weather was just the right temp to sweat it out beachside slicked up and thirsty for midday beers.

The day I arrived was a little tough, however. 
I went out on a rampage the night before thinking-
 "Yeah, I have the week off, I'm on holidays...I GOT THIS", 
clearly I didn't "have it" as I spent the entire day spewing up as I tried (very) slowly to pack for my week in Byron.
I got to the airport around 3pm, and felt hungry- hallelujah.

I caught a little shuttle down to Byron, met up with my mates at Woody's Surf Shack and watched the latest Deus surf vid.

......great first night and the next day as follows......


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