Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Venice Beach- Deus, Sushi Hama, Townhouse + Rooster Fish

My alarm went off after only 3 hours of deep sleep on that Sunday morning in Hollywood. Tom, Nina and I had to leave the apartment we were housesitting at by 12pm. My car was parked down the road at Chima's from the large night before, so Nina kindly dropped me to my car then I drove back to our apt, skulled down a litre of Coconut Water and proceeded to 'move out'. So hungover and unsure what to do that day, I parked my rental outside a friends house, made a little bed in the backseat, rolled down the windows (it was fricken hot) and tried to nap. Ahhhh the joys of travelling. I did not succeed in sleeping, so I changed in the backseat, did my make-up in the front seat, text Stefan and away I drove to Deus on Lincoln. 
Bye Bye Hollywood, Hello Venice Beach.

I hung out at Deus for a few hours chatting with Stefan and taking these pictures. We decided to go eat down at Sushi Hama where I met his mate Gus. The 3 of us later met Ty where he let into the store an unknown girl off the street who was bawling her eyes out in hysterics. Ty tried to get out of her what made her cry. All she wanted was to charge her was an awkward 20 mins when she perked  up and began telling us stories about drugs, Mexico and tramp stamp tattoos. I remember turning around at some point to see her doing a headstand, wtf- get her out now!
The boys and I went for cheap margaritas at Rooster Fish on Abbott Kinney. I later realised they were cheap coz it was a gay bar??? Amazing
Our last stop was Townhouse where Ty and I stood outside enjoying these 2 crazies sing 'Ramble On' and listening to another guy preaching from his handbook in front of the taco truck.

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