Friday, January 14, 2011

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Don Hills for NY Fashion Week

I was in Brooklyn on Sept 9th 2010 and texted my friend Will about where to go that night, to which he replied, "BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB is playin at Don Hills, get ready, be there by midnight, they go on at 1am sharp, dont rush but hurry." I almost had kittens! It was my second night in NYC, the night before I saw Hank III, and now I was about to see BRMC!!!!!! Holy fuck I was excited. Will could only get me on the door so I went alone. Caught the F train to Greenwich Village and walked to the club. The line-up outside was Crazy! I went straight up to the bouncer whom Will told to look out for an Aussie photographer by herself. 
I wormed my way up the front of the stage. It was so fricken packed and hot inside, a sweat box to say the least. BRMC played an absolute aaaaaamaaazing show. The lighting was so fucken incredible as well. I wish I had my Markii camera like all the other photographer fuckers taking up the first row. I wriggled my way closer with my G10 and found myself pretty comfortable with bass player, Robert right in front of me!
Mid way through the show the crowd backed off quite a bit. I remember thinking why would you leave this show!? Found out they all went to Chanel's Fashion Week party......ahhhhhhh........New York during Fashion Week is my friend.

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