Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My First Night In NYC Sept 8th, '10

I took the Long Island Railway into NYC by my lonesome. Had a small wheelie "carry on" sized bag with me and my dancing shoes. Got fucked over by Craigs List (thats a whole different story), my friend, Harrison called me, asked if I'd found a place, to which I replied stressed and angry "No I havent this sux".....he told me to jump a cab to his mates place in the Village asap. I did exactly that. He waited with a beer and a hug. Within seconds I was back in a cab sandwiched between 2 men, this time the destination was Williamsburg Music Hall to witness HANK III.

My 1st night in New York just got better and better.......

Here's some snaps:

Hank III started off playing upbeat Rockabilly foot stompin' style rhythms, then after about an hour they changed tone into more chilled and heartfelt country style tunes.........another hour later, the band changed drummers, another singer came up, shirts and hats off, hair out swingin', heads bangin', arms flyin' as they developed into Metal. It may have been a good 3 hours into the set when the majority of the audience cleared out as the band moved into somewhat "Death Metal". There were still heaps of guys there going fucking nuts in the crowd. Fights were breaking out,and all sorts of gnarly shit.
I thoroughly enjoyed all genres of music they played. I walked outta there feeling I just saw a performance, not just a band ya know.

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