Monday, October 12, 2009

My 2nd Solo show!

I must admit I'm pretty darn excited about this show.

I'm printing 57 photos, colour and b&w, slippin' the young bucks into vintage, old spray painted frames of different sizes.
The shots consist of my 2 trips to Japan. Mainly Tokyo party/fashion portraits of the beautiful friends I made whilst tearing up the streets..............its going to look awesome and I cant effing wait.

I have 9 days left till the hanging bump in......I gotta get my ass into gear!


Sian said...

Hi Elle,

I saw your show advertised on Yen, how exciting! Still in Melbourne so can't drop in but good luck! I have started following your blog, I look forward to hearing all about it.. Sian xx

M.Chono said...

I also saw the exhibition posted on yen, ill stop in to look for sure!