Monday, January 15, 2018

Trips with Cpt. Bear- Waterfall Jumping in Kaua'i

I have been on hiatus from blogging my trips & photo work for sometime now, but I am back!! I said to myself- you can't go on anymore trips without editing & sharing your past trips. So here we are, its 2018 & I'm pumped!

This post follows a previous post from when Rusty & I flew to Kauai' from HNL for 28 hours of pure fun & adventure, Hawaiian style. 

Our friend Benjamin picked us up from the Lihue airport in his beaten up red truck, took us out for Mahi Mahi fish tacos & Mai Tai's in Poipu, didn't sleep much that night, then at 5.30am he took us & his Dad, Don out on a Zodiac to cruise the Na Pali Coast with a whole bunch of mainlander chicks. 

We waved goodbye to those chicks as they dove off the boat & swam to their campsite along the 
Na Pali coastline, us four then hightailed it back to Port Allen, washed off the boat, parked the boat, dropped off Don, then cruised the North East side of Kaua'i, through Kapa'a before stopping at Ben's friend's backyard Waterfall in Kilauea. 

This Waterfall is known as Elvis' Waterfall as he jumps off it, plays ukulele & tunes girls in 
Blue Hawaii South Pacific movies.

I didn't jump off it, it was way to crazy for me & I was exhausted, so I waited in the jungle alongside the river in a mosquito nest & took photos. Ben being Hawaiian born grew up doing wild stuff like doing back flips into Waterfalls, Rusty was more cautious &; bombed it!

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