Monday, July 6, 2009

Greenroom Day Two

I arrived at the festival around 1pm. I was given an Asahi before any hellos.
Ahhhh joy!
Its going to be a good day.
Physco des

Not so crowded, still hot and overcast

Nice skatey

Passed out peeps all round

Mikey DeTemple's board from his film Picaresque

Mikey introducing Picaresque

Little self portrait

Cheaper Beeru stage right, go deep

Kassia Meador, surfer/photographer

TCSS- Jim Mitchell

shaper legend- Jon Wegener

Brazilian photographer- Jair Bartelo


Harrison Roach

I caught Donovan Frankenreiter backstage before his show- niiice

Outside stage and Yokohama backdrop

This photographer Buntaro Kato was soooo lovely. I gave him my book, he gave me a print!

These guys rocked my whole trip- Adam, Travis and Chris of
Bastard Lovechild of Rock n Roll

Sleeeeep child

The Critical Slide Society and Far East/Roial crew at the end of Greenroom.
Lets go eat

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