Monday, January 20, 2014

1 Month on the North Shore pt.2- Smokin Pipe

Watching and shooting Pipeline from the Volcom House was epic. So much energy flowing around that area as the entrance to Pipeline beach was between both Volcom Houses.... you can imagine it was hot as all fuck, people fricken everywhere, dogs, bikes, eskys, skateboards, cameras, babies, you name it. Walking through the crowd on Finals day was so intense, especially as the tide had come in and taken most of the sand away so there was limited spots for punters to perch before they got swept away by the raging swell. Once again, I was lucky to sit at Volcom House, free of sand up my ass and under shade.

Here's some pics from my time spent in no specific order......

Banzai Pipeline on Finals day.

Sebastian Zietz (Seabass)

Drew at Off The Wall

Daniela and I at Volcom sharing a Coors Lite ;)

Camila + Mylee x

Daniela cooking up a storm pre Turkey Day

Sunset Beach x

Rusty, on our way to Christian and Heathers'

The day before Finals, Rusty and I loaded up our camera gear and biked down to Pipeline as the swell came in like a mofo.

Ezekiel Lau, Volcom surfer and winner of Sunset Pro

The drive from North Shore to Waikiki is pretty, until you hit the H1 and you hate everyone

 Anna rockin' it at Rocky Point

Leah and Anna's surfboard collection (some there of). Hens House 

On my first night back on the North Shore, Dani and Donna were like,
 "Wanna go to yoga tonight by donation?" 
I replied,
 "Ummm yea huh!"

The loveable duo, Christian + Heather 

Rocky Point Turkey Day sunset 

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