Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mullholland Drive baby

4 Days in L.A I----->

Walked around the Fairfax School markets
Visited Courtland at the Supreme store
Drank Margaritas at Kibitz with Stefan and Brad
Ate a bagel with Olivia at Canters Diner
Took a trip up to Mullholland Drive
Purchased my favourite SF coffee on Fairfax
Walked 2 Dogs to lunch with Josh
Savoured many Acai Bowls at Flake on Rose Ave
Rode on the back of a Deus motorbike from Venice to Santa Monica and back
Sampled some Shrooms at 1am watching Curb Your Enthusiasm
Shot copious amounts of Palm Trees around Hollywood
Had a small Thai lady walk on my back to massage
Visited The Beverly Hills Hotel
Took a selfie in a shitty bathroom on Fairfax
Ate another Bagel at Abbotts Habit with Sean and Lyndall
Saw the Steven Harrington show at Known Gallery
Vomited all night from tequila then caught a flight to Cabo San Lucas with April
Drove to Malibu with Drew 
Heard gun shots and people fucking to porn late at night in Venice Beach...........thats about it.

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