Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back to LA, Oct 2010


I clocked up some amazing flying time at the end of my 3 mth trip O/S. 
I flew from Stockholm to London (maybe a 2 hour flight) with Ewan after the Boulala's wedding. I stayed for exactly 24 hours where all I did was go to Top Shop and walk around Hyde Park. Left Heathrow at 1pm to San Francisco (almost missed my flight). Sat in the nose bleed section of the plane (right up the back corner), watched 'Almost Famous' and 'Get Him To The Greek', flew during daylight over 10 hours, did not sleep a wink, arrived in SF, cued in customs for so fucking long, tired and sweaty. 
My customs officer liked my tattoo and asked what I was doing in the US- 
I replied, "Pleasure" 
he said, "Excuse me Miss?"
I said "Ya know Business or Pleasure? Well I'm here for pleasure"
 he laughed, asked if I had a boyfriend???, 
I replied, "No! But thats why Im here to find one so I can stay!" 
He cracked up, "Well you gotta go girlfriend get outta here!", he stamped my passport and away I went! 
So funny. 
I then had a delayed Southwest flight to LAX. I got on the list for the next flight where the guy at the desk calls peoples name's out like a raffle. I had zero US money, a dead Blackberry and was freaking out that my luggage would land on a different flight. My name was called out, thank fuck. 
Whilst waiting for my luggage in LAX, I asked a nice looking girl to borrow her cell to text Chris to pick me up. No problems there- Americans are willing to help a sista out. 
I waited for maybe 45 mins for Chris, got hit up by random guys, asked for money and bummed a cigarette.

 Ahhhhhh it was good to be back in the land of the free..........

I had zero sleep after all that flying the day before. I had no idea what "clock" I was on. Chris and I drove to his work in Beverly Hills, printed off some google maps for me and I drove around Hollywood taking snaps and did some shopping.
I remember getting pretty darn tired whilst driving back to Marina Del Rey. Once home I smoked a joint, watched 90210, took a valium, ate some Ben and Jerrys, snuggled up to nap when I got a text from Nina inviting me to see Warpaint in Hollywood that night.
I basically had to get up and get ready straight away, as I thought about driving time, parking and they were going on at 9pm. 
In my hazy state, I got ready, drank a black coffee, drove my ass to SkyBar, arrived in the nick of time for Warpaint. They sang over the pool, it looked pretty rad. Pretty sure I drank over the driving limit too, but after they finished I still drove to meet Will at W to party by another pool.......... 

Below is Will after he and his mates got kicked out for swimming in the pool. 
One of his friends lived opposite the W and had a real expensive breed of a tiger/cat. 

I couldve stayed and raged but drove back to the beach........

My 3rd night back in LA I met Adrian in Venice. He just drove up from a surf trip in Baja (hence the tan) I also stayed at his place in Stockholm- so we had heaps to catch up about. I was struggling to stay awake from thee most intense jetlag ever. I was drinking red bull vodkas, had a double expresso (still sleepy) ate amazing burgers at Hal's on Abbot Kinney before Adrian left on the red eye to NY.
After directing him to LAX, I pulled my shit together, got picked up by Dyrell and Bjorn and went to The Darkroom, then Braydon's in Hollywood.

 Bye bye LA.......

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